The round of 16 of the first edition of the FISU AMERICA eSports – FIFA20 are already here.


After the draw, made last night, when the games of the group H finished, and we met the last two qualified between to the top 16 of the competition, the athletes and organizing committee, met through a videoconference, where the playoff were drawn.


First we will remind you the qualified in each group, and then we are going to expose the results of the draw made last night that will be played today, where only eight players will move to the next stage.


Group A: First position Yago Ramiro Taboada – Argentina – FeDUA

               Second position: Elías Castillo – Chile – FENAUDE


Group B: First position Ulisses Selles – Brazil – CBDU

               Second position: Bastián Ibaceta – Chile – FENAUDE


Group C: First position Alexis Bernardino Calderón Perez – El Salvador – ADUSAL

               Second position: Gustavo Abello – Venezuela – FEVEDEU


Group D: First position Martín Camacho – Uruguay – Liga Universitaria Deportiva

               Second position: José Carmelo Licea Hernandez – Mexico – CONDDE


Group E: First position Nicolás Brizuela – Argentina – FeDUA

               Second position: Moisés Uziel Canales Vargas – Mexico – CONDDE


Group F: First position Facundo Iván Cornago – Argentina – FeDUA

               Second position: Johan Caro – Chile – FENAUDE


Group G: First position Nicholai Lovell – Barbados – TISAB

               Second position: Luis Guilherme Sa Da Costa e Silva – Brazil – CBDU


Group H: First position: Diego Guerra – Uruguay – Liga Universitaria Deportiva

               Second position: Sebastián Benavides Moreira – Costa Rica – FEDEU


After mention all the qualified between the top 16 of our continent, we want to show you how the play-off were drawn:

Tonight from 10pm (GMT -3) you can follow all the games of the round of 16 through the Official YouTube FISU AMERICA Channel.