Every 20th of September since 2016, we celebrate the International Day of University Sport (IDUS), proclaimed by UNESCO, with the support of the FISU, that meet all the people who belong to this place where academics and sports find a point in common.


FISU AMERICA wasn’t the exception and was part of multiple celebration along the continent, when it had the start of the 1st edition of the FISU AMERICA FUTSAL en Posadas, Argentin, in that meaningful day.


There, also with the opening ceremony, the city had celebrations in the different universities of the city and the country, who invited many people to join and show them the university sport world.


Brazil (CBDU) and Mexico (CONDDE) were in charge of a full journey of activities with sport tournaments. Paraguay (ANDUP) organized a walk-running circuit, Peru (FEDUP) and Uruguay (LUD) were also part of this celebration, and in Barbados (TISAB) arrange a futsal championship.


The entire continent celebrated this important day for the growth and development of the university sport that every year meet more and more people. From FISU AMERICA we are so grateful with all these people who were part of this and every day make that university sport grow.