We talked with the National Coordinator of ASCUN-Sports about the 2019, a year on which university sport of Colombia will have too much activity at a continental and world level.

The present of the university sport in Colombia

‘The context of Colombia is that university sport it’s a branch of sport that has taken more impetus in the last 15 years. It went from being a sport just focused in the biggest universities in the big cities, and during the last years It has been democratized more every year with a national organization which has 6 nodes and meet more than 180 universities, also It had added many superiir education institutions of medium or small size from every time more remote zones of the country.’

About the difference in the level Francisco said that: ‘The technical level depends on the sport, for example in some sports as soccer and futsal we have a very high level.

Also, exists an intermediate level in sports like rugby, basketball and volleyball, because in the country, the federate level is not that high or is far from the top world level, and university sport due to most of the athletes of high performance level in those disciplines tend to be professionals or studying in universities out of the country.’

‘In team sports we also have sports that have growth a lot in our country, like rugby and ultimate frisbee, which are gaining followers constantly and having an increasing level.’

‘About the individual sports, like in team ones, the high achieving or high performance, are sponsored by the government, due to their high intensity training condition, make difficult to accomplish the academic calendar, while they coordinate their training, and also the Olympic and world championships’s tournament schedules.’

That’s how he sees the sport university evolution: at the international level I see that it has more coverage in the world and more importance, increasingly linked with the Olympic Committees and Sport National Federations. I think that the fact of had organized events with this importance like the Universiade and the world university tournaments in the different sports, that makes that university sport have a great relevance in the context of world sport like a supplement for education, with regard to the high performance or professional sport.’

Think of 2019’s competition

In April the Suoth-American Games: ‘We’d already assigned a coordinator to carry out the call and selection of the participants. We have done the confirmation to the Concepción Organization and the FENAUDE and the COSUD of our participation in all the sports in the competition, and we hope to take a big delegation with more than 120 athletes in the different disciplines.’

‘We are really motivated to accomplish with this participation, we trust that the level of our athletes will be good, and we are going to get many victories. The universities that had won the national university games, which have been organized in Medellin at the end of 2018, in team sports the winners will be selected, with the reinforcements that they consider, and in individual sports we are organizing the call.’

World University Games Napoli 2019 Francisco said to FISU AMERICA: Unfortunately we couldn’t raise the money to be drafted in the team sports in Napoli for the Universiade. We counted with a three consecutive Universiade’s tradition, in sports like soccer or voleyball, but because we have some financial problems with our university games last year in the regional stage, our teams won’t be part of it.

‘We think that our delegation will count with 60 or 70 people in Napoli for the individual sports, and we are pending to confirm the final selection in the different disciplines. We’d just sent the quantitative inscriptions to the organization and estimate the budget for this competition, where we are going to try, since now, to present more participants, not just like an isolated event, but as the result of the process of the different stages, local, regional, and national for all the sports in Colombia. The goal it’s to make that the Universiade works as a motivation for the students from the most remote universities’

A great year for Colombia’s univeristy sport

About the two events, which will take place in the month of May, the ASCUN-Sports’s Coordinator said that those events keep them very motivated to receive to all the representatives of the continent. This a great year for university sport in Colombia, because, apart from to organize the Center-America and Caribbean University Sports Games in the city of Tunja, will be carry out the 2nd Edition of the Strategic Dialogue FISU-FISU AMERICA in the city of Bogotá.

Sport and studies as complements: ‘The organization of the South-American University Games in 2017, means a big effort to Colombia, but luckily we counted with the collaboration of many countries, which make a great effort to come, especially from the south of the continent, countries like Chile, who brought a very large delegation, Uruguay, Argentina, and Brazil, whom also were present. Because of all this we really want to collaborate to the development of FISU AMERICA with a new event that can meet not just physically, but also in thoughts, ideals, and their management capacity, so we will be able to shape attractive goals, which can take the university sport in the continent, to a higher level, not just technically, but also of integration, and giving that relevance from the formative and the values, avoiding being seen the competitive and the educational not like contradictory but as something perfectly complementary, or necessarily complementary’

Colombia working together for the same goal

‘The Center-America and Caribbean University Sport Games that will be taking place in the city of Tunja, also produce us a great expectancy. Many stages of the region, in this case Boyacá and Tunja, are participating in this project, and because is a region close from the capital, Bogotá, which it’s just two hours by car, they also will be supporting the organization of these games and with all the districts of Colombia, they will be pending to support this event.’

‘Tunja is an university city in which approximately between 50% and 60% of its floating population are university students or have something to do with the university, so It’s an event according to this meaning that we want to give it to the Center-America and Caribbean University Sport Games from the town hall, the Departmental Institute of Sport, the Sport Institute of the city of Tunja, the Pedagogical and Technological University of that city, and other universities that have their offices there, contributing with the event, and we trust that despite the cold but beauty of the city, we will count with the warmness of the fans, that in past experiences with this kind of events, the stadiums were always full because the city it’s interested in give its support to the university sport.’

Francisco Sandoval, his link with ASCUN and unversity sport

‘On a personal level, the fact that Colombia had decided to organize the Strategic Dialogue FISU-FISUAMERICA, the Center-America and Caribbean University Sport Games, with the South-American Games realized in Bogotá in 2017, put the country in the map representing the university sport. I just feel as a representant of a huge system where there are many leaders that day after day make a big effort to lead process of education around the sport and like the last step of a great work of many people i just represent them as well as I can.’

‘I’m ending here my third term as president of the ASCUN(2007-2008, 2011-2013 and 2017-2018) and for me it’s a great satisfaction be witness of all the effort that my colleagues, added to big allies of COSUD, FISU AMERICA and FISU, Colombia is collaborating with the university sport to keep moving forward. At least mine, it’s not my interest to get political or personal propaganda, and perpetuate in this charge in an organization like this, my focus, and the one of the next president who will be voted in the next 15 days, it´s on representing the colombian university sport. From my university i will keep working and supporting to make that we can be more and better, trying to achieve the main goal that is the universitary communities.’

Photo Source: ASCUN