With the presence of 14 institutions from all over the continent, in both genders, from today until Saturday the Pan American 3×3 Basketball Tournament is being played, at National University of La Matanza (UNLaM), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The competition, by teams and not by country, defines four places for the World League of the discipline in Xiamen, China.

Before the start of the competition, the inaugural ceremony was held, attended by the participating teams and the representatives of all the national universities of the organizing country. The event was led by the UNLaM principal, Daniel Martínez; The president of the Argentinian University Sports Federation (FeDUA), Emiliano Ojea; The Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Vice-president of FeDUA, Adrián Verdini; The national coordinator of University Development, Emilio Bruno; The Vice-president of FISU, Luciano Cabral; And the president of FISU America, Alim Maluf Neto.

Luciano Cabral said: “It is a unique moment of great emotion, for being the first Pan-American championship ever played by educational institutions. Also for the conference for 36 sport directors of higher education institutions of Argentina, which demonstrate the development plan for university sport that FISU and FISU America have. Congratulations to the whole team of FeDUA and La Matanza National University for the beautiful ceremony, and to the leaders of FISU America for not measuring efforts.”

In the same way expressed Alim Maluf Neto, who valued this competition “as part of the development plan for the next 4 years.” In addition, he highlighted the support of FISU America’s countries for “not measuring efforts in bringing their teams to make this party shine with unconditional support.”

Meanwhile, Emiliano Ojea said: “It is a lightning tournament, which brings two men’s and two women’s squares for the World League. These places awarded by FISU show the growth that university sport has been having throughout the continent. With Argentina, we have expectations of being able to be with some team and repeat our participation in the competition.”

In addition to the words of the authorities, there were artistic shows and signs of skill in the hoop.

All Pan American can be seen through the web of the state sports channel of Argentina, www.deportv.gob.ar and also in www.el1webtv.com.ar