The president of the Peruvian Institute of Sport (IPD), Sebastián Suito, was part of the opening ceremony of the General Extraordinary Assembly of Peru (FEDUP) and congratulated the institution for its work with the athletes.
‘It’s very important and I feel proud of being part in the General Assembly of FEDUP, which plays a role very special preparing the university athletes. This role is fundamental because it’s working and leading a new generation of athletes who make a big effort to put Peru at the top, while they are looking for an academic future. They are forming new Peruvian citizens.’ Suito pointed in his presentation
Also was part of the event the bearer of FEDUP, Carlos Torres Llapa, and the director of the National Direction of Affiliated Sport of IPD, Victor Aspíllaga.
‘In the IPD we are very interested in the improvement of the university sport. Recently I met with the president of FEDUP, and he shows me important numbers of the Universiade. For me it seems very important the agenda of this Assembly. We are looking for improvement initiatives for the Law of Sport Programs of High Performance, improve the integrated of all of them, having benefits in their tuition fees, and highlight their achievements, in the university and international environment.’ Held Aspíllaga.

The Assembly was carried out in the University of Lima, where different topics, like the election of the Universiade 2020, this election in the National Commission of Justice, Support Program for the Athlete, approval of the Yearly Plan and FEDUP Calendar 2019, among the most important topics.
Peru will also be part of the Pan-American Games of Futsal in Posadas, Argentina, between the 20th and 27th of September.


Source: IPD