With 21 gold, 17 silver and 15 bronze medals, USA finished in the 4th place in the table medal in the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019.


The 53 medals achieved by USA delegation positioned it as the 3rd country with more medals and the 4th place of the table medal.


Nels Hawkinson, USA Deputy Head of Delegation, talked with FISU AMERICA and commented about the performance of the USA in Napoli:


It is always the goal of the USA TEAM to have participation in most or all of the sports been hosted. Just Sailing and Rugby 7’s were not with our delegation in Naples. 

Our hope with each summer games is to try and finish in the top 6 in total medals. We actually finished 3rd for the 2019 Summer Games.

It is not just about the competition in the Universiade, that is why we asked to Hawkinson about the preparation and the experience lived in Napoli and he said:

 We had made 3 trips previous to the opening of the games. We knew there would be local organizational challenges and prepared ourselves the best we could. 

I am most grateful to the Naples Government and the LOC for taking this on this tremendous project with less time than usual.  FISU also played an amazing part in the preparation of the games. 

Our athletes and staff truly loved the city and area around NAPLES as well as the Italian culture, food, history and weather.  We can never forget our wonderful experiences.


Thinking in the next competition, 2nd FISU AMERICA Games 2020 and Chengdu 2021, Nels told us:


Regarding the FISU AMERICA Games, 2020 in Mexico. By US standards we don’t have much time to prepare teams to go.  We are extremely excited for attending and our neighboring country to be hosting. They will have 14 sports and our goal is to have 9-10 of those sports with USA athletes. I am hoping for a total of 200-300 participating. We will be making our first site inspection in September.

I am super excited that China will hosting the summer games. In 2011 (Shenzhen), those were my first games to act as the USA Deputy Head of Delegation. So Chengdu will be my 6th summer games in my present position. 

I also have a personal reason for the 2021 games in Chengdu; it’s because it’s the city home of the GIANT PANDA’S…my favorite animal. I look forward to many visits to see them.

For both events the USA Team is honored to attend and do the best we can, especially considering the strong athletes that all the other countries have.


The athletes-students that got medals are:


Gold Medals:

DAWES Al-Amir Maurice BKB – Men Basketball

HUNTER Chase Alexander BKB – Men Basketball

HONOR Nicolas Christopher BKB – Men Basketball

TYSON Hunter Blaise BKB – Men Basketball

SCOTT Curran Jett BKB – Men Basketball

FOX Parker James BKB – Men Basketball

HEMENWAY Gregory Alexander BKB – Men Basketball

MACK Tevin Stanvontae BKB – Men Basketball

NEWMAN III John Edward BKB – Men Basketball

MOORE Khavon Lawrence BKB – Men Basketball

SIMMS Aamir Earl BKB – Men Basketball

JEMISON III Richard Lee BKB – Men Basketball

PERRY Ky-Lee SWM – Women 50m Freestyle

BERKOFF Katharine Frances SWM – Women 100m Backstroke

BRATTON Lisa SWM – Women 200m Backstroke

DE LOOF Gabrielle SWM – Women 100m Freestyle

LUTHER Dakota SWM – Women 200m Butterfly

DE LOOF Gabrielle SWM – Women 200m Freestyle

SARGENT Makayla SWM – Women 400m Medley

MEITZ Kaersten SWM – Women 400m Freestyle

BURCHILL Veronica SWM – Women 4x100m Freestyle

DE LOOF Catherine SWM – Women 4x100m Freestyle

DE LOOF Gabrielle SWM – Women 4x100m Freestyle

RASMUS Claire SWM – Women 4x100m Freestyle

DE LOOF Gabrielle SWM – Women 4x200m Freestyle

MADDEN Paige SWM – Women 4x200m Freestyle

MEITZ Kaersten SWM – Women 4x200m Freestyle

RASMUS Claire SWM – Women 4x200m Freestyle

BERKOFF Katharine Frances SWM – Women 4x100m Medley

DE LOOF Gabrielle SWM – Women 4x100m Medley

ESCOBEDO Emily SWM – Women 4x100m Medley

LUTHER Dakota SWM – Women 4x100m Medley

RESS Justin SWM – Men 50m Backstroke

KATZ Austin SWM – Men 200m Backstroke

FINNERTY Ian SWM – Men 100m Breaststroke

APPLE Zachary SWM – Men 100m Freestyle

APPLE Zachary SWM – Men 200m Freestyle

APPLE Zachary SWM – Men 4x100m Freestyle

FARRIS Dean SWM – Men 4x100m Freestyle

HOWARD Robert SWM – Men 4x100m Freestyle

JACKSON Tate SWM – Men 4x100m Freestyle

APPLE Zachary SWM – Men 4x200m Freestyle

FARRIS Dean SWM – Men 4x200m Freestyle

HOUSE Grant SWM – Men 4x200m Freestyle

JULIAN Trenton SWM – Men 4x200m Freestyle

APPLE Zachary SWM – Men 4x100m Medley

FINNERTY Ian SWM – Men 4x100m Medley

RESS Justin SWM – Men 4x100m Medley

SHEBAT John SWM – Men 4x100m Medley

MUNOZ Adalis J TKW – Women Poomsae


Silver Medals:

BAXTER Rachel Marie ATH – Women Pole Vault

LISKOWITZ Andrew Joseph ATH – Men Shot Put

JACKSON Rickea Velece BKB – Women Basketball

TAYLOR Myah Johne BKB – Women Basketball

ESPINOZA-HUNTER Andra Phoenix BKB – Women Basketball

HEMINGWAY Jayla Alona BKB – Women Basketball

CARTER Jessika BKB – Women Basketball

MATHARU Aliyah Breshawna BKB – Women Basketball

HOLMES Jazzmun Eliscia BKB – Women Basketball

YOUNG Jamya Iyania BKB – Women Basketball

WEEKS-WIGGINS Xaria Monae BKB – Women Basketball

COOKS Sidney Charise BKB – Women Basketball

MORRIS Yemiyah Aiyanna BKB – Women Basketball

SCOTT Bre’Amber Shakira BKB – Women Basketball

HAAN Elise SWM – Women 50m Backstroke

HAAN Elise SWM – Women 100m Backstroke

SEIDT Asia SWM – Women 200m Backstroke

ESCOBEDO Emily SWM – Women 200m Breaststroke

LUTHER Dakota SWM – Women 100m Butterfly

CARTER Olivia SWM – Women 200m Butterfly

MADDEN Paige SWM – Women 200m Freestyle

EASTIN Ella SWM – Women 200m Medley

PFEIFER Genevieve SWM – Women 400m Medley

JACKSON Tate SWM – Men 100m Freestyle

GRIESHOP Sean Thomas SWM – Men 400m Medley

NORMAN Nicholas SWM – Men 800m Freestyle

JEONG Edward H TKW – Men Poomsae

TURNER Jack William WPO – Men Water Polo

ABRAMSON Tyler Allen WPO – Men Water Polo

BROZYNA-VILIM Felix Andreas WPO – Men Water Polo

CAVANO Jacob Zachary WPO – Men Water Polo

EHRHARDT Jacob Lee WPO – Men Water Polo

LANGIEWICZ Kacper Marek WPO – Men Water Polo

GRUWELL Thomas Gordon WPO – Men Water Polo

ROSENFELD Evan David WPO – Men Water Polo

ROSSMAN Alex James WPO – Men Water Polo

WILLIAMS Bennett Robert WPO – Men Water Polo

WOODHEAD Quinn Chadwick WPO – Men Water Polo

KRUTONOG Samuel Leonard WPO – Men Water Polo


Bronze Medals:


HEIDT Adam Wyatt ARC – Men Team Recurve

ZUMBO Matthew Joseph ARC – Men Team Recurve

GUY Bridget Antionette ATH – Women Pole Vault

LENZ Daria Tabea DIV – Women 1m Springboard

LENZ Daria Tabea DIV – Women 3m Synchronized Springboard

SCULTI Carolina Jane DIV – Women 3m Synchronized Springboard

ZENG Laura Yihan GRY – Women All Around

BURCHILL Veronica SWM – Women 100m Freestyle

SCHMIDT Sierra SWM – Women 400m Freestyle

KOWAL Molly Ann SWM – Women 1500m Freestyle

RESS Justin SWM – Men 100m Backstroke

BEACH Clark SWM – Men 200m Backstroke

FINNERTY Ian SWM – Men 50m Breaststroke

ROY Daniel SWM – Men 200m Breaststroke

STEWART Coleman SWM – Men 100m Butterfly

NORMAN Nicholas SWM – Men 1500m Freestyle

GORKA Makayla Christine TKW – Women Team Kyorugi

LEWIS Cheyenne Marie TKW – Women Team Kyorugi

SALAS Lizette TKW – Women Team Kyorugi

WEBER Logan Avery TKW – Women Team Kyorugi