Being represented by 170, Brazil participated in the 30th Summer Universiade Napoli 2019 and got the 13th position in the medal table between the 118 countries that were part of it.

After a good performance in the 1st FISU AMERICA Games Sao Paulo 2018, the CBDU went to Napoli with great expectations, where the CBDU achieve great results and the Vice-President of the FISU and President of CBDU, Luciano Cabral, told us:

‘Our performance was better than the goal that we raised according to the number of athletes and because we participated in 7 sports, where we got medals in 6 of them, beaking a new record of gold medals. We accomplish the 13th position and considering only America we finished below the US and Mexico, who also had a historic result, so we can say that it was an excellent performance.’

Cabral also talk about the experience and how the napolitan citizens received to the Brazil’s delegation:


‘The chance to have an Universiade in Europe, in July in the middle of the summer, makes everything better in the european continent. The city of Napoli is very enjoyable and the italian had welcomed us amazingly, so the most positive aspect were the city and the people of Napoli.’


Gold Medals:

CONSTANTINO Gabriel ATH – Men 110 Hurdles

SANTOS Alison ATH – Men 400 Hurdles

CAMILO Paulo Andre ATH – Men 100m

CAMILO Paulo Andre ATH – Men 200m

ALVES Jhennifer SWM – Women 50m Breaststroke


Silver Medals:

SA Mateus ATH – Men Triple Jump


Men Football:

KAYSER Matheus- DA CUNHA Wanderson- REZENDE Ramon- GHARIB Leonardo- VASCONCELOS Matheus- MASCARENHAS Caio- LUIZ Eduardo- GAETANO Gustavo- DOS SANTOS Rafael – BARBOSA Joao Pedro- DE ALCANTARA Alex- FELIX Gabriel- COSTA Victor- MILIORANSA Igor- MADSON Carlos- VIEIRA Joao Guilherme- PINA Thiago- 


BORGES Luiz Gustavo SWM – Men 4x100m Freestyle

DE SOUZA Felipe SWM – Men 4x100m Freestyle

FERREIRA Marco Antonio SWM – Men 4x100m Freestyle

OGAWA Gabriel SWM – Men 4x100m Freestyle


Bronze Medasl:

PEREIRA DO NASCIM. Rodrigo ATH – Men 100m

MELO Alexsandro ATH – Men Triple Jump

PORTO Luis Guilherme GAR – Men Vault

FACCHOLLI Sibilla JUD – Women Open

LIMA Willian JUD – Men 66kg

ASSIS Gustavo JUD – Men 90kg

FERREIRA Marco Antonio SWM – Men 100m Freestyle

CARDONA Pedro SWM – Men 4x100m Medley

FANTONI Gabriel SWM – Men 4x100m Medley

FERREIRA Marco Antonio SWM – Men 4x100m Medley

MOUSSALEM Iago SWM – Men 4x100m Medley

NOVAES Barbara TKW – Women 62kg


In advance the FISU Vice-President said:

‘We are going to the 2nd FISU AMERICA Games with the intention of repeat what we did in the first edition and finish at the top of the medal table. About the next Universiade, our goal is to finish in the top10. The CBDU has a huge work while we work in our main activity, the sport events, where the results are fundamental, we are talking about the main sport competitions in the world and competitive nature make us try to win.’