The last 23th of September the first continental virtual chess tournament was carried out, where 89 men students and 76 women students were part of it. The competition had 11 countries participating from all the continent and was transmitted through the Instagram and YouTube of FISU AMERICA.


The competition form was in 7 rounds with 3 minutes and 2 seconds of increment for each player. This competition with the one on the 25th will give points for another one the next 27th to all those participants that achieved the quarter finals.


The final position of the tournament of the 23thwas:



Toro Castañeda Elizabeth(COL) 1° place

Alfonso Ruisánchez Laritza(CUB) 2° place

Palmero Martínez Rachel(CUB) 3° place

Rodríguez Domínguez Melissa(CUB) 4° place

Loyola Torres Maria Gracia(PER) 5° place

Ocampo Betancur Angella Cristina(COL) 6° place

Alboredo Julia(BRA) 7° place

Vasquez Espino Joselyn Brillit(PER) 8° place



Albornoz Cabrera Carlos Daniel(CUB) 1° place

Cruz Pereyra Andres Antonio(PER) 2° place

Acosta Pablo(ARG) 3° place

Tello Chavez Isaac Valentino(MEX) 4° place

Delgado Romero Marco Antonio(PER) 5° place

López Idárraga Daniel Eduardo(COL) 6° place

López González Abel Fabián(CUB) 7° place

Cadilhac Igor(BRA) 8° place