At the FISU America Executive Committee meeting before the beginning of the first edition of FISU America Games in Sao Paulo, all participating countries valued the importance of this event, in which more than a thousand student athletes will compete.

First, the hosts Alim Maluf Neto (photo), president of FISU America, and Luciano Cabral, vice president of FISU, thanked the important participation in number of countries and student athletes. They also considered that this is a sign of the growth and consolidation that university sport has had on the continent.


Emiliano Ojea, from Argentina, congratulated the organizers for the initiative and highlighted the logistic quality that has already been demonstrated, and said that the growth of FISU America is a result of the strengthening that each country is achieving. Gerardo Corrales, from Costa Rica, highlighted the importance of accompanying showed by the countries that could bring athletes and those that could not. Manolo Alan Merodio Reza, from Mexico, commented the desire of the athletes to participate and the illusion that these games have generated in his country. America Alvarado, from Honduras, pointed out the need to generate more events and facilitate the participation of Central America countries. June Caddle, from Barbados, indicated that CBDU is a model to be followed by the rest of the countries and their leadership capacity. Sandy Rodriguez, from Venezuela, analyzed the growth and strengthening of the entire entity, which has been positioned on the global agenda. Daniel Muñoz, from Chile, highlighted the presence of countries such as the United States and Canada.

In the meeting, people from the Brazilian Confederation of University Sports (CBDU) made a presentation in which was detailed aspects related with transportation, accommodation, accreditation and food, among other details of the games.

Some aspects related to the planning of the university sports projects and schedule for 2019 were also addressed.