The Brazilian University Games (JUBs) were held with great success in Maringá, known as the “Song City” for its great Music Festival, with the participation of more than 3,300 people. The event, between November 4 and 11, occupied 18 hotels at 100 percent, and generated an economic movement of around 10 million reais (2.6 million dollars).

In addition to this impact, the JUBs also promoted the name of Maringá for an estimated audience of 30 million people. This is because, in addition to conquering a great spontaneous coverage of the media, the CBDU made four simultaneous streamings, daily, on Facebook. The transmissions reached 13 million spectators.

For the President of the Brazilian University Sport Confederation (CBDU), Luciano Cabral, Maringá fulfilled all the requirements of the event and, in addition to winning the respect of the university sports entities, won the love of the participants of the JUBs. “This 66th edition enters the history of the CBDU as one of the best organized and evaluated by the federations of the 27 States,” he emphasizes.

Cabral also expressed: “Maringá has a sport structure superior to the one existing in many Brazilian capitals, an urban layout that facilitated the transfer of athletes and, above all, teams from the public and private sectors that strive to do their best all the time. To be here and, from here, for one more year, to make our country aware that high-performance education and sport are absolutely reconcilable, Brazil will be well represented in the Olympic competitions”.

In total, 15 modalities were disputed in the JUBs, including electronic and academic games, and the inclusion of skate considering that the sport entered in the Olympic program and will be held in Tokyo in 2020.

Source and Photo Credit: CBDU.