Today, FISU AMERICA is proud to announce the launch of the FISU AMERICA eSports – FIFA20, with the intention of join the whole continent in the first international university competition of e-sports, keeping united the family of university sport in America.


About this new initiative, the president of FISU AMERICA, Alim Maluf Neto, said:

‘We are working to offer new experiences to all university athletes in our continent, and this FIFA platform is the first of them in this project’. Presenting this innovative alternative, given the global scenario facing the COVID-19 pandemic, FISU AMERICA will look to get stronger and keep the links between our athletes-students who are part of our national federations.


The event will have its own Official Landing Page for the competition where will be able information about inscriptions, schedule, results, and also regulations, basic conditions and all the relevant information about the tournament.


The competition will begin on May 6th, and will challenge 32 participants, crowned the champion of America on 17th of the same month.


About the enrollment, are open from today, April 22nd, being May 3rd the deadline, with mediation of the national federations, who will count with the support and help of the FISU AMERICA’s team, ensuring a more inclusive participation.