The first Congress of Presidents and Strategic Dialogue between FISU and FISU America has concluded, with FISU President, Oleg Matytsin, attending all conferences and axes of discussion. There were also present FISU’s first Vice President, Leonz Eder, Vice President Luciano Cabral, Development Secretary, Laurent Briel, and Adviser Rosaura Mendez.

From FISU America assisted President Alim Maluf Neto, Vice President Manuel Merodio, General Secretary Sandy Rodriguez, Treasurer Emiliano Ojea, Advisor America Alvarado, ODUCC President Gerardo Corrales, and COSUD President Daniel Muñoz. In addition, 14 countries of the continent were represented: Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, United States and Peru.

The meeting had two main axes of debate, on the one hand the strategic dialogue in the development plan for the next 10 years, and on the other the programming of FISU America Events for 2018. The deadline for nominations was already opened and will extend until November 30, to organize the Football and 3X3 Basketball leagues, and FISU America Forum on “The university sports industry”.

After two days of discussion and conferences, FISU America President, Alim Maluf Neto, said: “The strategic dialogue was a great success. We managed to fulfill all the objectives we had planned, having a very close contact with the president of FISU to work on the global development plan for university sports. It was very important because presidents of national federations throughout America had the opportunity to have a very close dialogue on their demands and proposals. In addition to the participation of representatives of 14 countries of the continent, we were accompanied by rectors, sports representatives, presidents of Brazilian sports federations and athletes”.