Taipei’s Comercial and Cultural Office director in Argentina visited the city of Villa Maria, which is the American university sport’s capital elected by FISU, where some of the 240 members of the Argentine delegation that will travel to the next summer Universiade study.

Huang Lien Sheng, in dialogue with FISU America, was asked about the expected competition, and said: “We have prepared this event for a long time, and with all sincerity we want to be the best, receiving 12,000 university students and athletes from all over the world. It’s all ready for that.”

For those who travel, he suggested: “They have everything programmed, but outside of that program they should take time to know more about our society, our economy and industry. Thus, on their return they may represent a future exchange. ”

“It’s a long trip and there is time to think, look and compare”, he said.