We talked with the CBDU’s president, Luciano Cabral, about what means the Strategic Dialogue FISU-FISU AMERICA for the future of university sports. He also said that the CBDU will approach about the current issues of university sports.

Exchange as a way to learn

The Strategic Dialogue is a new platform of FISU where the National Federations of University Sports can exchange their experiences, projects and proposals among them, with FISU and other entities of university sports, becoming today the main environment to build together the right way for university sports have to follow.

A succesfull first edition

The dialogue of 2017 because it was the first, caused a great impact and expectation, after that we collected data and confirmed that it was a big success, it was possible to line up different ideas and confirm significant projects in our continent, included organize the 1st FISU AMERICA Games in 2018 in Brazil. Because of the success in 2017, we already have confirmed 15 countries from America, and some representatives from Europe and Asia.