Third interview previous to the 2nd Strategic Dialogue between FISU and FISU AMERICA, and this time, was Rosaura Mendez, president of Gender Equality Commission of FISU. She talked about the importance of the Strategic Dialogue and her work leading the commission.


Gender Equality using our differences

The Gender Equality Commission presents, as well for the present and also as a guideline for the future, the idea that gender equality is essential for the sport organizations. Working in same conditions, not only in number, but in resources spent and in the distribution and organization of the different events, makes that organizations no matter its origin, achieves its goals. If we work with equality, understanding and getting profit of the differences between sexes, they will reach more efficiency, and they will achieve the UN’s agreed targets of Gender Equality.


The 6th Gender Equality Awards are coming and Rosaura explained what it is and how to capitalize it.

A significant aspect is the 6th Gender Equality Awards organized by FISU with the distinguishing feature this year that invite to all the CUSF and NUSF to present their projects of gender equality. Projects will be presented with this new characteristic in Bogotá to let our partners from FISU AMERICA know and give them the chance to add their proposals.


FISU AMERICA working for FISU and vice versa

From the beginning of FISU AMERICA, FISU put his trust on it, an organization with 36 countries, which contribute to the construction of the Global Strategy of FISU, with the organization of events in our continent and also with the countries’ participation in different international competitions. FISU AMERICA have people with significance in the commissions of FISU and is an important piece of the organization.

The significance of the Strategic Dialogue is tremendous because everything we talk and propose on it, will have a great impact not only in FISU AMERICA, also in the future decisions of FISU. The idea of this event reveals that we are going to work not just in the development of our continent, also in movement of worldwide university sports.