In this second interview FISU AMERICA talked with Leonz Eder, first Vice-President of FISU, about the importance of the edition number two of the Strategic Dialogue FISU-FISU AMERICA and that what he told us.

FISU AMERICA in FISU’s Strategic Vision

FISU America, like the other Continental University Sports Federations, plays a major role in the FISU Global Strategy. FISU America is a very active partner of FISU and unites a huge continent with USA and Canada in the northern part, many countries in Central America and all the other FISU Members in South America. Therefore, FISU America can strongly help to promote university sports among the members and also directly within the Universities, can spread out the values and the spirit of our global movement and can – through championships, educational and cultural events – reach thousands and thousands of students and lead them to tomorrow’s leaders.

Together for University sports.

He also talked about the results in the first edition and the importance of a reciprocate, listening to learn and grow together.

The effect of the first dialogues held in other Continents was mainly to get information from first hand, from the FISU top leadership and to exchange ideas about how to further develop university sports. Dialogue is not a one way communication. Dialogue means first of all to listen – FISU representatives listen to the needs, strengths, challenges etc of the Continental Federation and their members. But they also try to explain the goals of the FISU and the possibilities, that FISU can offer to the Continentals.

FISU and FISU AMERICA are consistent with their goals and the Vice-President of FISU was very clear with his expectations and how to make that university sports keep growing.

I personally expect a deep dialogue in order to better understand each other and to finally coordinate all the actions for the benefit of University sports. Together, in a regular and fruitful dialogue, we become stronger and stronger as a global organization, which stands for sport, education and culture.