First part of an interview secuence with some of the people that will be part of the 2nd Strategic Dialogue between FISU and FISU AMERICA leader. Today is the turn of Fred Asprilla, president of the ASCUN and here we tell you some of what he said to FISU AMERICA.


Colombian university sport


Colombian sport has grown both in level and participation in international sport, having delegations with 80 athletes in Olympics and in the last important tournaments we have got medals and finish in the first positions. In consequence, the world put its eyes in our country and collaborating with us and creating new links with our federations, like in this case, organizing the Strategic Dialogue here.


The Strategic Dialogue as an opportunity


The chance to host an international event like the Strategic Dialogue FISU-FISU AMERICA means for us a vote of confidence letting us know that we are doing things well and keep in our way with a lot to learn.

I think that it can give us a lot of information from universities and very important federations in the region and the world, so we are going to capitalize this opportunity to use everything we learn in ASCUN and make our university sport keep growing in the right way.


Where we go and why


In schools, we give a big importance to sport because we believe that sport and studies develop our kids in a holistically way, unfortunately when these kids go to university, sport is not considered very important in their education.

In other countries the education system spend more money and resources in the academic and physical development through the sport.

We believe that is possible to have a degree and a sport career at the same time with the objective that is to offer people with more sport, academic and human discipline, so we try to improve it.