On the 20th of September was commemorated the International Day of University Sport, stated by the UNESCO – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in 2016, with the idea to highlight the importance of the sports in the universities. In our continent, the commemoration started a few days before until the 10th of October.


This date is a common issue between all the athletes students of the world, who have a double journey of studies and sports. In addition to being a physical activity and for wellness, the university sport promotes values like respect, fair play, team work, discipline, patience, or the dialogue to solve conflicts and especially the reactions in the victories and in the losts.


The schedule proposed by FISU AMERICA commemorating this important day was completely digital and counted with two challenges that look for the most active federation of the continent. The first challenge was a video of a presentation that promotes the university sports in their countries.The video with more interactions (likes and sharings) below:



The second challenge included the interaction with the public with its federation too – ‘likes’ and sharing – but this time, each federation had to send a photo that represented the university sport in their countries. Like in the video challenge, the federation with the most engagement was the Brazilean Confederation of University Sport (CBDU).

These are some of the activities proposed by FISU AMERICA in commemoration for the International Day of University Sport. Continue following us in our social networks for more content and also the website of the event.