As expected, the FISU America Forum started with total success in Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela, with around 200 assistants, and dissertations selected from tens of works with national and international quality.

The opening ceremony was headed by the Minister of University Education, Science and Technology, Hugbel Roa; the mayor of the Bolivar Municipality, Barcelona, Guillermo Rodríguez; the president of FISU America, Alim Neto; the 1st Vice President of FISU, Leonz Eder; the Simón Rodríguez University principal, Alejandrina Reyes; the director of the National Sports Institute, Pedro Infante; and the president of the Organizing Committee, Sandy Rodriguez, who made use of the word.

Students from more than 10 universities are also part of the activity, important to take the sport, as a sign of peace and union, in the delicate situation that is crossing the host country.

In parallel with the forum, the ODUCC 2017 Games and FISU Americas Executive Committee work meetings will be developed, which highlights the organizational effort being carried out by the coordinators.

Beside the organizing country, there are representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Costa Rica, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Switzerland and Uruguay, to exchange their experience and expand their knowledge about the different aspects of the sports environment in which they work. The forum will include topics such as Sports Management and Sports Policies, Sports and Human Development, Anti-doping, Training, Medicine and Psychology, among others. The main objective of the FISU America Forum is to share ideas and knowledge on key issues related to the development of sports and university athletes in the Americas, and to improve the knowledge of its members about the mission of FISU America and its priorities.