11 Nations represented in the first edition of this event

Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru and Jamaica gathered in the first edition of “FISU AMERICA CHESS 2020”. Which is the most important university chess tournament, for this time due to the pandemic is carried out online through the platform called “lichess.org”. Chess games have the participation of 82 male and 63 female university students from all these Latin American countries.

This event is of great importance to set the stage for the “FISU World University Championship Mind Sport Online 2020”, which is going to take place from October 26 to 30 on the same platform mention above, in order for America to present its best talent.

The first knockout phase was held on September 23 and 25. While the quarter finals took place last sunday (September 27). And the semifinals and finals today, September 29th.

It has been a great challenge to go from the face-to-face mode to online competitions, with all that it implies, so that the sports spirit can continue to be lived. It requires a whole team, which has been behind the organization to be able to develop the transmission of the participants, management of the platform, as well as a group of expert commentators that make the events more enjoyable for the spectators.


The “FISU America Chess” is divided into these modalities:

  • Individual per branch, having two tournaments in which the participants added points to select the best 8 of each branch and play the quarterfinals on September 27th. Later they will be ready to perform the semifinals and final on September 29th.


  • Mixed teams, a modality that will take place on October 2nd with the participation of 2 teams per participating country, that must be made up of at least 2 participants of the minority sex in the team and will be played in a round-robin system.

Likewise, it has excellent advisors such as the International Expert Pablo Della Morte, International Expert Oscar Sánchez Enriquez and the International Expert Diana Real Pereyra, who have been pending on each of the competition days and will be in the final stretch to carry out the corresponding analysis live through the Facebook social network “FISU America” and its YouTube channel.




Female Branch:


Place Tit Name Country Lichess Nickname Rating
First Place WCM Toro Castañeda Elizabeth Colombia Elizabeth-3 1989
Second Place WFM Alboredo Julia Brasil alboredo1997 2182
Third Place WFM Palmero Martínez Rachel Cuba Rachees 2099
Fourth Place WIM Librelato Kathiê Brasil KLibrelato 2165



Male Branch:


Place Tit Nombre Country Lichess Nickname Rating
First Place GM Albornoz Cabrera Carlos Daniel Cuba zonrobla


Second Place Vasquez Jimenez Cristhian David Perú CristhianVasquezPUCP


Third Place FM Tello Chavez Isaac Valentino México FM chakin


Fourth Place IM Acosta Pablo Argentina Ismael2512





From October 2nd the tournament mixed teams starts. This modality means that you don’t play just on your own, your results can affect the global score. Even a tie or lose can change the final results of your team match.

The tournament of 2 days extension, will meet students and teams from all the continent, and will be the first Chess Virtual Tournament by teams for university athletes in América.