Time to talk about Costa Rica and its participation in the next Summer Universiade Napoli 2019.

Only 11 days to go to the next Universiade and part of the Costa Rican delegation, which represents to FECUNDE met in the Sport Facilities of the University of Costa Rica to sworn on national symbols. Due to the absences because of some students are in other competitions, they have made it before.


The delegation will be conformed by 10 people, 6 of them athletes, 2 coaches and 2 delegates. Something to highlight is that 5 of the students are from the University of Costa Rica and 1 from the National University.


The athletes will participate in 3 different sports: Emmanuel Niño in 400 m. and hurdles, Daniela Rojas in 400 m. hurdles and their coach Rafael Mora. Andrea Campos and Anghela Brilla in sword and foil fencing. Mariángeles Murillo and Heika del Sol Salas, with their coach Carlos Carbonell. Accompanied and leaded by Laura Sanchez as mision chief and Gerardo Corrales as delegation chief.