Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay are already with a good part of their delegations in the Athletes Village, and they contribute not only with a good number of inhabitants to the place, but also with the party and the passion to which these countries are used to.

The Chilean “avanzada” arrived today to New Taipei, with 50 people, while on Wednesday 16th will land the remaining members of a delegation with almost 150 people. “La Roja” will be in seven sports disciplines, and several individual events.

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Those who also landed today on the Island of Taiwan were representatives of Uruguay, with their historic team of “La Liga”, the university football selection, which has been uninterrupted at Universiade since 1979, having achieved two runners-up in Mexico 1979 and Japan 1985. The “Celeste” is part of Group A. In addition, three swimmers are part of a delegation of more than 30 people.

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Brazil and Argentina were among the first to reach the Athletes Village, and although they are not complete yet, some 150 athletes from each country have marked their arrival, hanging flags on the windows, and dancing and singing in every possible space. The “Verdeamarela” team will have a delegation of 300 members, with 20 Olympic athletes, while “Celeste and Blanca” team will achieve the largest representation in its history, with more than 250 people.


Brazil will play three friendly matches today, one of which, soccer against Mexico, will be broadcast at 23.50 (Brasilia time) through Facebook streaming.