Men’s soccer teams are preparing for the 2017 Summer Universiade first-match. As the Athletes’ Village is increasing with movement, color and exchange, the previous days were also conducive to organize some friendly matches before the tournament.

This was the case of the meetings in which Brazil and Mexico measured each other, on the one hand, and Argentina-Canada on the other. In both matches, the result was a draw, first 3-3 and the second 1-1. In all cases, the balance is positive in preparation for the competition.

Brazil and Mexico not only took advantage of the opportunity in men’s football, but also did it in men’s volleyball (Brazil won 3-2) and women’s football (Brazilians won 3-1).



Brasil Voley

The delegations of these and the other countries of the continent, which took more than 2,000 athletes to Taipei, are still being prepared and are practically installed entirely in the Villa.

Photo credits: Fellipe Chargel y Felipe Herrmann (CBDU) y Sebastián Panero (FeDUA).