Taipei is ready to host the largest sporting event in its history, which will bring more than 2,000 students / athletes, officials and coaches from across the continent. From the moment of the election as headquarters of the Universiade of Summer 2017, the public participation and the urban growth that has had the city has grown. And the arrival of 10,000 participants from 170 countries is expected as a movement of social transformation of the city.

Local people chose “Bravo”, the Formosan Black Bear, endemic to that region, as a mascot of games, in an online voting process.

After being chosen as the headquarters of the Universiade in 2011, Taipei gathered 600 people to work in the competition, an effort in the hope that success will generate similar opportunities in the future.

For the event 79 sports stadiums are required for training and competition, so although most of the stages are in Taipei and New Taipei, there will also be activity in neighbouring locations such as Taoyuan, Hsinchu City, and Hsinchu County.

From these cities, volunteers will also arrive to reach the 18,000-young people who will help, of whom 11,600 are Taiwanese students, 6,000 other local community members, and 300 international volunteers from Taiwan.

There are 39 hospitals serving the games, offering medical services, sports physiotherapy, and even traditional Chinese medicine treatments such as acupuncture.

In addition to being a hot month, August is also prone to receiving destructive typhoons. Although little can be done with the weather, Mayor Ko visited Taipei temples in January, making offerings and asking the Gods for good weather during the games.

Security planning has also been a priority, so there will be numerous reinforcements coordinating militia, police and medical units.