Due to the death of our General Secretary Sandy Rodriguez from Venezuela, FISU AMERICA has designated as the new Secretary to América Alvarado from Honduras until the year 2020, who since 2016 was occupying the position of Adviser.

About her designation she said: ’It took us by surprise the loss of our lovely friend Sandy Rodriguez, filling us with deep sadness, and have to assume that role at this moment gives me mixed feelings, because, on one hand the satisfaction of keep helping FISU AMERICA in a new experience as Secretary, but on the other hand, feeling that I do it replacing someone who is not with us anymore’.

The challenges in 2019…’FISU AMERICA means for me a big challenge, that I have to take while I am linked to other activities as the presidency of University Sport Association of Honduras(ADUH), but I think that once you take on the challenge, you have to do it with responsibility and I will try to manage my academic calendar and my personal schedule, to complete successfully all the efforts required to make that FISU AMERICA continue being an example of university sport for the whole world’ told us the new General Secretary.

Asked respecting the importance of university sports she said: ’I see university sports growing, I think people will be motivated and the countries will understand that is fundamental not only for the development of the country, but for the young people, because is part of their student lives and is needed to promote their self-esteem and discipline. I think that in FISU AMERICA case will be many opportunities, countries will be open to collaborate.’
Her vision about what is being done and how she see the Federation in the next 5 years: ‘We are working with important characters of the continent asking for financial collaboration, that is the missing commonly, and keep growing. I am very optimist, I think that FISU AMERICA has a lot to offer, it has a lot of potential, and I am convinced that at the end of these 5 years, we will see a FISU AMERICA strong and as example for the rest of the federation of the world’ declare América very enthusiastic.

Different realities, common objectives… ‘University sports in our continent have a lot of challenges, while we have countries with high development in sports field, we have countries that are in evolving and other that need a little stimulation. It means that this one, will be a year to ensure that every country feels safe under the FISU AMERICA flag, and our participation in international tournaments increase more every time’ she claimed.

Working as a team… ‘I think that we are on the right track, the Federation had proved that is united and solid, and the objectives for 2018 were achieved satisfactorily, and every project proposed by FISU were done successfully. It had showed that working together we can do great things’ she argued about the things done last year.

FISU AMERICA and its role in front of the world: ‘Our executive committee is composed by proactive people, and also have very propositive people who represent us in front of FISU. As a result, we have an increasing compromise by FISU AMERICA, and show FISU that our representatives are well selected people, and we believe that this year, with the renovation of the governing board in FISU, we can have new representation, keep the people who every year have done a fantastic job and demonstrating that FISU AMERICA is, as its slogan says: ‘One continent, one passion’ commented Alvarado relating to the participation in the different forums organized during 2018.