Between de 5th and the 7th of February, in the Brazilian city of Río de Janeiro, will be carried out the 1st Pan-American Seminar of University Sports. The event will be organized with the collaboration of the International University Sports Federation and the Brazilian University Sports Confederation(CBDU), who will bring together the NUSF coming from the whole continent, to present the activities that will be conducted this year.

In addition to the program of the Pan-American Seminar of University Sports, that will present the projects of FISU and FISU AMERICA, will be discussed the events that will be developed in the continent during the 2020.

Also, will have place regional meetings, as in the case of COSUD and ODUCC, ending with the General Assembly of FISU AMERICA, with the objective of organizing and be clear with the ideas in this new year for the university sports in America.